We are Urban Myth

Urban Myth and director Jörgen Tjon A Fong
Cultural organisation Urban Myth puts untold stories in the spotlight. Urban Myth, led by founder and artistic director Jörgen Tjon A Fong, offers new perspectives on shared history inciting joint reflection on Dutch identity and how it is shaped. Who am I? Who is the other? Who are we together?

Reshaping the view on Dutch identity
Cultural diversity has always been a part of Dutch society. Therefor it is a natural (and congruent) component of Dutch history and the Dutch identity. By telling untold stories, or showing different angles to more familiar stories, Urban Myth strives to reshape and expand on what is commonly and currently thought of as Dutch history and identity. The aim? To go from denial to recognition. From footnote to footlight. From side character to main figure.

Theater productions
Dutch audiences enjoy multiple Urban Myth theatre productions per year in which music always plays an important role. Urban Myth is a permanent in-house theatre company of the renowned Internationaal Theater Amsterdam and its productions tour the main stages of prominent national theatres.

Trans-disciplinary programmes
Aside from theatre productions, Urban Myth creates original trans-disciplinary projects and programmes in cooperation with museums and foundations, from art-exhibitions to talk shows and from theatrical museum tours to an annual alternative night mass.


- In theaters now -

Three sisters

Main stage production 2019
Urban Myth’s version of Tsjechov’s classic play Three Sisters under the direction of Koos Terpstra. Like a classical painting, painted with completely different colours, Urban Myth’s Three Sisters has a fresh take on today’s society.

Yearning for a different life in Moscow, our three sisters of colour are surrounded by a motley group of family and flirting admirers. Funny, thrilling and moving, all at the same time.

- Coming soon -

De Laatste Dichters (The Last Poets)

Main stage production 2020
The Last Poets is a thrilling theater experience. About the power of art. About finding your true identity through words and music. About the Last Poets, three African American men from Harlem in the 60’s who emancipate themselves through poetry and music. With their words as their weapons, they battle a generations old image of African Americans.

This is the birth of hip hop and the inspiration of many generations of rappers. Director Jörgen Tjon A Fong and a cast of actors and rappers explore the result of 50 years of hiphop through new songs and raps. Loosely based on the book The Last Poets by Christine Otten.